Entebbe is the laid back alternative to Kampala when beginning and ending your Ugandan vacation. This modern and picturesque city – though not the capital – is home to the country’s international airport and is sprawled across the banks of Africa’s largest lake, the magnificent Lake Victoria. Kampala is a little over an hour inland and to the north, while Entebbe itself is the very gateway to all that Uganda has to offer.

Visitors to the city can take to the Mabamba Swamps in a wooden canoe to spot the shy Shoebill, spend a day strolling about Entebbe’s Wildlife Education Centre – home to an array of interesting animals, or relax in the Entebbe Botanical Gardens and enjoy an introduction to Uganda’s abundant birdlife. Visitors can also spend an afternoon fishing on Lake Victoria or cruise to nearby Ngamba Island to view orphaned and rehabilitated chimpanzees.

Entebbe International Airport services flights from Johannesburg and Brussels and even Dubai. It is also an easy stopover while journeying to other points of interest in Uganda, such as the Rwenzori mountains, the continent’s 3rd tallest mountain range; or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, home to critically endangered mountain gorillas.

Entebbe Highlights

  • Entebbe features a tropical rainforest climate with relatively constant temperatures throughout the course of the year.
  • The town is a home of the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI).
  • The town is the location of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) which also serves as the National Zoo.
  • It’s where the head quarters of the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda are located in a new block off the airport highway.
  • The town also has The The Entebbe International Airport EIA, the principal international airport of Uganda.
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